The food we eat these days is a far cry from the foods our grandparents grew up on. Take a look at the ingredients list of just about any packet in the supermarket, and we see a sea of numbers and ingredients that nobody can pronounce.

Crops are being sprayed with harmful chemicals and in many cases, the plants themselves have been modified to optimise financial returns for farmers. Processed foods contain more and more refined sugar, and wheat is in just about everything. (and if you’re wondering why this is a problem, make a paste with plain flour + water and what do you get? glue….)

Humans are supposed to eat with the seasons – different crops at different times of the year, rather than eating the same things day in day out because our supermarkets cool store and/or import produce to ensure we can always get what we want…

The commercial world seems to have lost sight of the fact that food should be truly ‘natural’, varied and brimming with nutrients, rather than grown as quickly, economically and as blemish-free as possible…



The effects for our children is particularly worrying when their little bodies were not built to live on a diet of chemicals and glue. If we look at the new prevalence of skin rashes, asthma, shorter attention spans and the host of neurological issues we just didn’t see so often 100 years ago… and you have to wonder how much of this is caused by the food we are eating, and the environment we now call home.

It’s time to make some changes!

Grow your own food & eat organic wherever you can. Cook from scratch, read food labels and avoid numbers where possible.  Try something new in your meals each week and try to eat with the seasons too. These are things we can all do to help turn things around. And hopefully, through these simple changes, we’ll eventually get our message through to the supermarkets and the food producers, that natural is best for all of us.