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I am loving the internet.  What an amazing world we live in, where I can sit down at the end of the day – when everyone in my house is asleep – and find like-minded people all over the world.  It just blows me away…

Meet Susan Lutz.  Susan is a writer and film maker living in Costa Rica with her two children.
chronicles her adventures and daily search for paradise.  Susan recently completed her first documentary film, “The Coffee Dance,” and is the author of a video media arts book, “The Paradox of Paradise”.

Susan’s son was born with Down syndrome.  She recently wrote an article about how her son’s health improved through nutrition – a story I can obviously relate to!  Green juices.  Organic, fresh vegetables.  Nothing more complex than this. You can read the article here –

Here is an extract from Susan’s book, “The Paradox of Paradise.”

From Chapter 5:

As I drifted in and out of consciousness after surgery, my son, swaddled in blankets, was placed on my chest. I touched his arm. His skin was soft, too soft it seemed. They took him away. I sucked on the ice and tried to forget what I knew: My child would need surgery in these first days of life or die. The pediatrician folded his arms across his chest and moved closer to the gurney. My doula, the assistant, stood by his side. “He has Down Syndrome,” she said.

From Chapter 6:

In the first years of my son’s life, there was so much to juggle and so many people had advise on what I could do better. I learned to listen, and I learned to say thanks, but no thanks. There is no magic bullet for Down Syndrome, it is a slow crawl to the finish line. Getting up everyday with more enthusiasm than I had the day before isn’t exactly what I always wanted to do, but unless I pushed, how could I expect my son to? What I have to “deal” with (i.e. the monster in my closet) was nothing compared to what my son has to do in just learning how to put one foot in front of the other or pronounce the letter “C.” I bow in his presence and revel in my daughter’s spirit. They’ve taught me how to climb higher than I ever imagined possible. Their shoes I will never be able to fill, so I feel blessed to follow close behind. If I hadn’t faced all this sorrow head on, (which perhaps turned out to be years of sadness welled up inside of me), I’d have gone down a path with even more struggles than before. I didn’t need to hit bottom twice. I was on the way up.

I am fortunate to be able to share this book with you here from my site.  Click on  the image above to download the ebook.

Here’s to finding kindred spirits, sharing ideas and spreading positive messages for change.

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