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We’ve had Gryffin on a range of nutritional supplements since he arrived, and I know that these have had a tremendous effect on his health. We are constantly amazed that this child – who is supposed to have a compromised immune system – is hardly ever sick. He hasn’t had antibiotics since he was 1 – and even then he’s only ever had them twice.

One of the supplements which I believe to be key to his health is glyconutrient powder. Following is an extract from the chapter in my book which explains how these work.


Definitions –
‘glyco’ – Prefix used in chemical compounds to indicate relationship to sugar or the presence of glycerol or similar substance

‘nutrient’ – 1. Food or any substance that supplies the body with elements necessary for metabolism*. 2. Nourishing; supplying nutriment – Taber’s Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary

Gryffin started taking (glyconutrients) at around 2 weeks old.  The person who supplied me this product explained its function like this – our cells are coated in a material made from glyconutrients.  This coating allows the cells to communicate with one another and in times of stress or injury, it‘s this communication between and amongst the cells which allows and promotes healing.  Our modern diet, depletion of soil quality, etc have all lead to a decrease in the prevalence of these glyconutrients which would normally be found in many of the foods we commonly eat.  Berries and breast milk contain glyconutrients, for example, but possibly were once a richer source than they are now.

The quality and quantity of these nutrients coming to us through our foods these days is so poor that the communication between cells is impeded.  It was explained to me that if for example someone tried to write the word ‘help’ to another person (figure 1), without being able to use straight lines, the word would not look like ‘help’ at all, instead it would look like a series of squiggles with no meaning (figure 2).  Therefore a cell trying to ask its neighbours for help, without the use of a fully formed ‘alphabet’, might be left to suffer unaided and possibly die.

figure 1

figure 2

Having established that my son was undernourished, it seemed logical to me that if his cells were not able to communicate properly, all manner of damage could ensue and – when the brain is growing at such an alarming rate in such a young baby, I could see the urgency of nourishing him in every way possible, glyconutrients being at the top of my list from this point on.Easily administered, glyconutrient powder became part of Gryffin’s meal preparation all the way from exclusive breastfeeding to solids, by which time I had become an expert in ‘spiking’ his meals with an array of potions!  As soon as he could chew confidently, we also gave him the (fruit and vegetable boosted) gummy bears daily.


*Definition – metabolism: The chemical processes occurring within a living cell or organism that are necessary for the maintenance of life. In metabolism some substances are broken down to yield energy for vital processes while other substances, necessary for life, are synthesised*.  –
*Definition – synthesise: to produce a substance chemically in plants or animals.-


The product we used initially is not available in retail outlets – but it is ideal for babies and young children. We now stock a glyconutrient product at our Online Store – Gly-Co Power is suitable for children who can swallow capsules or who eat stronger flavoured foods as the capsules can be broken and the powder mixed with food.

If you would like information on where you can purchase the products for younger children, send an email on naturallybetterkids [at] gmail [dot] com.

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  1. Hello – our son is 3.5 years and diagnosed with DS at birth. He has been on omega 3’s, ginko, and vitamins for years. However – I have not done glyconutrients. I am not sure what is the best source available in the USA as I am reading different opinions.

    Do you have a vendor you recommend in America? thank you – I just found your site about 30 minutes ago.

    be blessed

  2. Hi Kimberlee – just sent you information about this product which we love for older children who are eating solids – you can buy it either through this website in USA – Or through our foodstore in Australia

    This is different from the product we still recommend for little ones of those who are more fussy eaters. Email us for those details!

    x kristen

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