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This week, Gryffin has discovered his love of the Trapeze, and here’s why.

I’ve learnt many things from The Institutes in Philadelphia. But one particular concept holds incredible promise for children of all abilities. The concept is “Function Determines Structure.”  I described this concept in my book:

‘I am what I am because of what I do.’ A lack of function determines a lack of structure. Therefore, require no more of a body than lying on the floor and the body will be able to simply lie on the floor… ~ p.192, Naturally Better.

This is discussed at length in the book ‘What To Do About Your Brain Injured Child’ by Glenn Doman – founder of The Institutes.

We were seeing severely brain-injured children arrive with bodies that were almost invariably tiny and sometimes twisted, with shoulders, eyes, mouths and feet that were frequently abnormal, with heads so tiny as to be microcephalic, and chests so shallow as to barely supply a breathing apparatus.

When we failed those children, their bodies remained tiny or twisted and so did their backs, hips, eyes, mouths and heads.

But when we succeeded, their bodies became in every way normal.

What is the law that explains this staggering fact? The law states simply that “function determines structure.” ~ Glenn Doman,  p.187 ‘What To Do About Your Brain Injured Child’

So, this week Joseph built Gryffin a Trapeze in the tree in our front garden. Just a piece of wood and some rope (following careful instructions from the book). The purpose? To help him build up his chest, in preparation for using his Brachiation Ladder. Why does he need a strong chest? Why does he need to Brachiate? To help him develop a bigger lung capacity, to help him with speech. It’s all explained in How To Teach Your Baby To Be Physically Superb by Glenn Doman, Douglas Doman & Bruce Hagy.

Yesterday was day 2 of ‘Trapeze work’, and I’d shown Gryffin a video on youtube of a woman on the high trapeze, doing amazing tricks – I just wanted Gryffin to get the idea of swinging. Once this child has an idea in his head, there is no stopping him, so yesterday he’d worked out his own little routine: swinging, turning upside down, dropping and rolling off the mat.

You can see in the video – after his first attempt, he’s frustrated because he’d forgotten the upside down trick!

OK, so this ‘routine’ is not part of The Institutes’ specific Trapeze program. But the progress… the self esteem… the confidence and the strength… this little boy can do what he likes – and he can’t get enough! And how good is that!

~ kristen.

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5 thoughts on “Function Determines Structure”

  1. Hey Kristen! Just wanted to comment on how wonderful Gryffin is doing! He is so strong! I surely couldn’t do that!

  2. Hi There, just wanted to say i
    think that is really great. I have a 11 month old boy – Dylan. To see what is possible is great. Dylan is not sitting yet. My mum found your story in thats life and I was glad she did as it led me to this website. Keep going Gryffin!

  3. Thank you Donna! Yes, the sky is the limit. If your son isn’t sitting yet, there are plenty of things you can do to help him build strength. It’s all discussed in various books on this site. Best of luck reaching for the stars! :) Kristen.

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