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Recently, I posted about chamomile tea for conjunctivitis, and in reply several people sent me some of their own natural remedies.  My personal preference is for remedies using pantry items.  Why? because 1. it’s expensive stocking up on potions and lotions all the time, 2. the fewer things we need to buy, the fewer packages we have to throw away, and 3. it’s easy to avoid chemicals = better for our families, better for our planet.

Here are some of my favourites:

make some chamomile tea (I use organic tea bags), then I let it cool with the tea bag in the cup. Once cool (or even tepid), get some cotton pads or gauze pads (not cotton balls as they can leave fluff particles in the eye). Dip the cotton pad in the tea, squeeze most of the liquid out and then very gently wipe the eye – towards the nose. Usually I have to do this several times to get it clean, but I use a new pad each time. DO NOT use the same pad for each eye.
KM, Melbourne

Grapefruit seed or “travellers friend” for gastro, skin irritations, the list goes on……..
AD, Melbourne
colloidal silver as a natural antibiotic and spray for nasal congestion, or can be rubbed on skin for cuts, abrasions, irritations etc
AD, Melbourne

Manuka Honey is magic for skin abrasions, you apply it directly onto the skin..and also as a natural antibiotic on toast ( yum )
LL, Melbourne

Onion syrup for coughs, garlic tea for flu, garlic oil for ear infections.  Slice onions then drizzle with honey layer by layer, let infuse for 2-3 days (turning jar over every now and then), voila ! onion syrup
CO, Melbourne
When my kids have conjuctivitis I use warm water with a tablespoon of salt dissolved in it. Then I use it to wash the eyes with really wet cotton balls. It clears it up in 1-2 days without having to get a prescription from the doc!
NC, Melbourne


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