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Eddy is a man I met in Singapore at The Institutes parent course.  His son is doing very well now, having using The Institutes methods and also following some of the other therapies discussed in my  book.

‘I’m a father of a Down Syndrome kid.  In July 2008, when my baby is 9 months old, I attended a course in Singapore called ‘What to do about your brain-injured child’ run by Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential (IAHP).  During that course, I met a lot of parents who has children categorized as a brain-injured children, like Down Syndrome, Autism, Cerebral Palsy etc.  One of the parent I’ve met is Kristen Morrison.

She has a Down Syndrome kid too.  She shares a lot of information and her own experiences dealing with her kid to me.  One of the useful info is about a supplement called ‘glyconutrient’ which has been given to her kid (a baby boy) from day 1 of his birth.  Also, she gives me a book which contains  a testimonial from a family with a Downs kid who experienced significant appearance changes (from Down’s face characteristic to normal) after having glyconutrients for years.  I am very interested to give glyconutrients to my baby and Kristen kindly helps me in getting this supplement since it is not available yet in Indonesia.  Since October 2008, my baby was starting to consume glyconutrients up to now.

Kristen also shares other therapy method called NAET which is useful to relieve allergens.  My baby started to have NAET treatment in place since March 2009.  By combining glyconutrients and NAET treatment, I have noticed that my baby’s healthiness is gradually improved.  Before having the treatment, once a month we usually visit a doctor due to a cold, fever etc but since then, there are no illness at all for almost 1 year.

My son is now 28 months olds and he is very enthusiastic to get walking. He is able to walk with one-hand support now. He can understand some instructions very well, follow many songs with a motion.

Thanks for your help.’
Eddy Tedjasaputra, Jakarta.

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  1. I’ve read your book, I love it. Thanks for so many information that you gave. All I want for my daughter, Naomi now is to start NAET and giving her glyconutrients :D….

    Again thanks a lot for making me see that I have many options to do to make Naomi well

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