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I posted recently about the forthcoming Launch of our exciting new project – the Grow Foundation, for Naturally Better Kids. The official Launch event is being held in November – you can read about it on the new Foundation page of this website.

After a year of hearing from families who are seeing improvements in their children using methods discussed in Naturally Better, this Foundation is the logical next step. Natural & alternative therapies are truly powerful in helping little children to combat neurological challenges. I live with this reality every day with my son.
The purpose of this not-for-profit organisation is to raise funds to support families who wish to follow the natural therapy path which we have found so beneficial for our son.  Specifics about the support we’ll offer will follow closer to our launch event date, but suffice to say that all proceeds from our events & auctions will be donated to families who really need this help.

I can’t speak for the way financial support systems work in other countries, but I do know that Australian families struggle with the costs of raising a child with a disability, even moreso when the family chooses to take this ‘road less travelled’.

“…This family’s journey reminds us that we have the power to be the masters of our destiny and we instinctively know that there is much we can do that is not necessarily the road most travelled.’
Deborra-Lee & Hugh Jackman

Despite remarkable results seen by more and more families all the time, ‘alternative’ therapies aren’t well supported, and when the parent is the one doing the therapy – as is possible with the methods we have used, well I know for a fact that there is NOTHING available funding wise.

What we need now are products to be donated for our auctions, which will be held both on the night of our Launch event and on the Grow Foundation facebook page.  If you know any business people who have an interest in natural health, please tell them about this worthy cause. We will accept donations big or small!

These auctions will be ongoing, with all proceeds going towards families in need of support.

There are also opportunities for Sponsorship, now and ongoing.

To begin our fundraising efforts, we have added 3 fundraising bundles to this website, with 50% of proceeds from the sale of these bundles going directly to families via the Grow Foundation.

Natural therapies are working wonders for children all over the world. Please help us spread the word!

Sarah Delarue – growfoundation [at] gmail [dot] com
Facebook – Grow Foundation

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