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I struggle to keep up with the growing list of things we should be avoiding for maximal health.  My newsfeed is full every day of information about why fluoride is bad for us, which chemicals are linked with Autism and why we should clean our homes without chemicals. Actually, I believe that most of this is probably true, but I don’t have time to read every article and then cross check it…who does?!

Seems to me the common denominator in most of these things, is that we humans were never meant to consume chemicals or rub them into our skin.  Our environment was not designed to filter the endless chemical refuse we smother it in every day.  Surely the cumulative effect of this is taking its toll on our kids… So what can we do about it?

Consume fewer chemicals! Produce less waste! Make whatever foods you can from fresh, pure, high quality ingredients!

After reading some damning stuff about Soy recently, I took it out of our diet and reverted back to organic, unhomogenised full cream milk. (And I love those surprise lumps of cream which leap into my coffee!)

We eat a lot of yoghurt in our family.  By making it ourselves, it’s always fresh and we don’t throw away endless plastic containers. So here is my recipe for home made organic yoghurt – so easy, it’s ridiculous…


2 cups of whole or skim milk

1/4 cup plain yoghurt

Bring the milk to the boil then take off the heat.  Cool til tepid (stick your finger in it and it should be at blood temperature – ie. you can hardly feel the milk).  Stir in the yoghurt – thoroughly.

You can then pour this milk mixture into a glass jar or yoghurt maker.  If you don’t have a yoghurt maker, just pour the mixture into glass jars, put the lids on and then put them into an electric frypan filled with water and cover with the lid.  Set on lowest temperature, and leave overnight. Refrigerate when set. The yoghurt will firm as it cools, and will last for at least a week.

If you prefer a flavoured yoghurt, you can put jam or fruit into the bottom of the jar before you add the milk mixture, then put it into the frypan.

I have also read you can do this by wrapping the glass jar with an electric blanket – set to low, and leave over night.  Or even use a rice cooker, again set just on warm.  But I haven’t tried these 2 options myself.

You can use either commercial yoghurt or home made yoghurt as the ‘starter’ for your next batch.


*This recipe originally came from a book called ‘Homemade’ by Kay  Fairfax.

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  1. Id\f you want a lower energy suggestions – I used to do this but “set” it overnight in a glass jar in a bucket after I had wrapped the jar firmly in a towel. Now that’s quaint!

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