kristen February 14, 2012

We were having a bath tonight, he and I, as we do several nights a week, when he reminded me I’d forgotten to buy something.

I said “well, why don’t we get out of the bath, we’ll get you dressed and I’ll take you to the shops to get some?”

Realising that I’d just explained that we’d get him dressed and not me, I said – as is my slightly mad sense of homour “…yes Gryff, I’ll get you dressed then I’ll drive you to the shops with no clothes on at all.”

He laughed out loud.

“Imagine, Gryff, if you and I really did walk into the supermarket with no clothes on, what would people say?” I amused myself, not really expecting him to come back with much except more laughter, to which he replied:

“I think they would look at you and say ‘you’re a weirdo’, then they would look at me and say I’m so damned cute!”

Got it in one babe. On so many levels… at 5. How I love him!

~ kristen


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