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Recently, I asked Antonette Golikidis, creator of organic baby skincare range ‘Little Innoscents’, if she would read and review my book.  Antonette has studied Natural Health Science at the Australian College of Natural Medicine and is qualified in Remedial Massage Therapy and Aromatherapy.  Antonette’s review of Naturally Better is now listed on my professional reviews page.

Little Innoscents products are made from the finest quality essential oils, plant extracts, butters and carrier oils and are assured by Australia’s largest certifier – Australian Certified Organic. After reading my book, Antonette kindly sent us a bundle of her products for the kids – she made my day!  When I opened the bag, I could not believe the delicious fragrance. Every one of these products – the massage cream, the vapour rub, the soap, all of them have a beautiful, natural fragrance which is completely delicious! Antonette even uses ylang ylang oil in some of the products – my all time favourite natural scent.

Anyone who has used Jurlique products will know how exquisite their pure fragrances are; the Little Innoscents range is right up there with Jurlique as far as I’m concerned, I’m completely hooked – so I had to add this range to the NBK site!

Little Innoscents products are:
– 100% Natural
– pH balanced
– Hypoallergenic
– Eczema, Psoriasis, Dermatitis, sensitive & dry skin friendly
– Developed by Antonette Golikidis, an australian mum and healthcare professional

“There are 3 layers to skin – the epidermis, dermis and cutaneous layer. For many years it was believed that these skin layers did an admirable job of keeping nasty chemicals at bay, but some sections of the scientific community have started to understand that this is far from the case… if any skin care product contains an ingredient you don’t recognise, or can’t pronounce, it’s probably a synthetic additive, and you just can’t be sure how much of it you’re absorbing.  Our skin is designed to protect us from nature, not from chemicals and additives. Why take the risk?” – Antonette Golikidis (read the full article here)

Products include an all-in-one natural organic hair & body wash, organic baby  massage oil, natural baby powder, organic baby massage lotion, nappy change cream, organic soap and natural vapour rub balm – a brilliant non-petroleum based replacement for your usual chest rub.

I can vouch for these products being great for the whole family – we LOVE them.

Anyone who is trying – as we are – to minimise toxins in the home, could benefit from trying these products. They’re even packaged in containers made from 100% recycled materials. Perfect!

Click here to see the full range.

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  1. Today organic products are very popular because they can’t contain any chemical. An organic product is made of some very essential elements like flower extracts, organic Aloe, herbal extracts, plant extracts, various antioxidants like green tea and grape seed oil, Chamomile and Hypo-allergenic substances.

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