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I can’t believe we’ve been home a month already…


Before leaving for the US, I had every intention of writing a long report of how Gryffin did on his Assessment at IAHP. I figured I’d shared everything in my book, so would just update with all the details, blow by blow.

And then he stunned us with his exceptional results – he was awarded 7 Victories for his accomplishments thus far – and I found myself feeling like I’d be bragging if I did tell the story…

Two weeks ago a timely email arrived from my friend in Costa Rica – Susan Lutz asked to interview me for her blog, Mother Jungle, and I found myself telling all.

Dad and G at IAHP

Whilst IAHP has played a massive role in the success we’ve had with Gryffin, it’s only one part of our holistic approach. I was reading in the Mindd Foundation website this week about some children who have – like Gryffin – experienced benefits from Homeopathy, Glyconutrients, Supplements, Wholefoods and NAET as part of a ‘biomedical approach‘. It was very apparent to us on this visit to IAHP, that Gryffin’s condition is a product of ALL the work we have done with him since the day he was born. By the time we found IAHP, we had spent literally hundreds of hours working with him across a great many therapies and supplements . It was as if I had researched and adopted local therapies which gave us an experience along the lines of an IAHP program, with some pieces missing – pieces which IAHP more than filled in.  Now we really see what a wonderful foundation this work has given him, and where to from here.

The Institutes have a range of Programs available, beginning with just reading a book and devising a therapy program  for your own child from there. Then there’s the course, “What To Do About Your Brain Injured Child”, which not only gives you more confidence to apply these techniques to your own child, but also gives you access to some other methods which cannot be learnt from the books alone. After attending the course, parents can then do a Home Program Consultation, where The Institutes’ staff consult the parents by phone to help tailor the child’s program further.

We had done all of these. The last three program levels are the Aspirant Program, Lecture Series and Intensive Treatment Program. What we have just done is the Aspirant Program and the first two Lectures in the series.

We’d always planned to take Gryffin for his Aspirant, so the clinical staff could evaluate his progress to date and tailor a program to help him tackle any remaining issues.

Susan asked me about this trip, about Gryffin’s health and what our vision is through this experience. Here is my reply:

Where do I start… The Institutes blazed a trail for parents like us to follow and even though we didn’t just use their methods (as my readers well know), it is a tremendous comfort to … have their clinical staff do an assessment with Gryffin. As a family, we all know that we’re absolutely on the right track to achieving ‘wellness’ for Gryffin across the board, and – like his older sisters – he is still completely drug free.
…I know how much it means to my readers to hear just how well he is doing NOW. We haven’t lost any progress, he has continued to improve, and astound us! So – I am casting aside my concern about appearing to brag, and I will tell you that Gryffin did amazingly well on his assessment!
For those who don’t know, Gryffin is almost 4 ½ now.
To summarise:

  • His reading assessment showed his ability to read at a standard twice his age. When I say read, I don’t mean read aloud, as you or I would, but he can identify words and was able to answer multiple choice questions about the materials he read – with 75% accuracy! (much to our own amazement!)
  • Gryffin’s health is almost ridiculously robust! He has still not had more than 2 major colds in his life, with no other illnesses or medical problems.
  • He is physically very strong – he runs, jumps, confidently climbs stairs up and down ‘hands-free’ and has begun to hop.
  • Gryffin’s speech is the main area needing attention, but since attending the Institutes, we have recommenced their oxygen enrichment program (which can only be done after attending IAHP parent training) and the improvements we have seen in the month since are profound – most particularly with Gryffin’s speech. His words are clearer by the day, he now makes verbal jokes, he can have complete conversations and yesterday he sang Happy Birthday to my Dad – the first time he has sung any song all the way through!

On assessment, there are some areas where Gryffin needs more work to fine tune some earlier milestones, like the symmetry of his running for example. Just how much this a-symmetry would affect him throughout life is not clear, but with tools to help him achieve ideal movement we are confident we can help him improve further in those areas.
We have a new home program and we’re doing it every day.

So, what’s our vision? It is as it always has been – to help Gryffin to live his own life, not dependent on his sisters or anyone else. And whilst this may seem to some to be a ‘pie in the sky’ goal, we know from all of the successes through all of the work we’ve done alongside our incredible son, that the sky is the limit for him. And we couldn’t be prouder.

Another detail I’ll share is that before we left, we had to have a massive range of tests done – blood, urine & fecal testing.  (Should I be embarrassed about the fact that we had NEVER done a full profile for him before, relying mostly on gentle, unintrusive methods like iris diagnosis and muscle testing to establish his body’s needs?!)

The results from “Profile #1” showed that the only thing which was even a little off was low zinc. We’ve now added a zinc supplement.

BIG applause here for Natural Therapies because here we have a kid who – theoretically – should have the whole catalogue of ailments, and yet he has the audacity to be healthier than most – and I’ll say it again, he’s completely drug free.

So yes, we still have some work to do, but watch this space.

While we were in Phili, Gryffin went to Montessori school for 2 days and loved it!


Montessori, Day 2.








~ kristen

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  1. Can I copy and paste your post in 6 mos??? LOL!! All I want to say at this moment is I cried tears of joy a few days ago while Lily, our 15 mos DS daughter, had her reading tested at the IAHP. She is reading at level 6…our intensive work since last Sept has paid off and WE are ready for MORE!! Now, due to her frequent colds, nutritional excellence and oxygen enrichment is our focus…will keep you posted!

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