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My friend Geralyn told me this story about her son Lucas – this really is an amazing achievement for any child of 3!

In July, Lucas began showing an interest in my older son’s interactive map of the USA. In a very short period of time, he was able to point to all states upon request. Last week (at 3 years 2 months of age) we took out our map of the USA puzzle and dumped all of the states on the floor. Lucas was able to put the puzzle back together independently in under 10 minutes. If he picked up a state that was not surrounded by other pieces, he knew exactly where to place the state on the board. As an occupational therapist I thought this feat was impressive enough until we got to the states of Alaska and Hawaii. They were positioned under the map for display, not geographically correct. Lucas wouldn’t put them in the puzzle. When I prompted him that was where the states went, he told me “no.”
As an occupational therapist, I am stunned by Lucas’s ability to not only remember the geography but to generalize it to a different “environment” where the expectations are different.The puzzle itself would challenge my nine year old son and it is one more achievement in a long list that leaves me surprised by Lucas’s ability to learn. Memory and generalization of skill are two of the most common problems in the cognitive skills of persons with Down Syndrome and they are two of Lucas’s biggest strengths.
I posted a video of Lucas doing his interactive map on my blog and fb group by the same name. I am hoping to get a video of him doing the puzzle soon!

You can visit Geralyn’s websites here The Down Syndrome Action Plan

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