kristen December 8, 2011

In the spirit of sharing their story to help other families, Lester Spears’ family has given us an update on his progress, and it’s quite something. Lianne Spears’ email was published yesterday on the Grow Foundation website:

Changes in Lester (22months)

We have seen a massive change in Lester in the last 6 months. It is hard to explain the exact change- it is like something has shifted in him cognitively, Lester’s Osteopath has noticed this too. He now understands simple requests and his problem solving and fine motor skills have improved dramatically.

I remember the day when I was making him his lunch and I heard his piggy bank toy singing away in the lounge room as Lester slipped the slim coins into the little slit with ease! Something Disability Services said was too advanced for Lester and maybe we should just put blocks in ice cream containers.

His communication has improved and whilst we are still having moments of yelling at dinner time he is starting to communicate more consistently, like saying ‘ta’ when we give him something, calling for mum and dad and signing for eat and drink, pointing at the dog and yelling ‘dog’. Every day he will surprised me with a new word.

Last week he read the word clap.

I have attached 2 hair results and a list of Lester’s supplements. (see below)

The first hair results (from March 2011) show the high Aluminium in Lester’s system. The bottom graph shows how many minerals have sky rocketed out of control. He also has really low (almost no) selenium and low zinc (this is very common in people with Down syndrome).

If the above results were left untreated it would (more than likely) mean Lester would face a life with the following problems:

Low immune system, frequent colds and flues, chest infections, allergies, itchy skin, disrupted sleep, memory loss, confusion, temper outbursts, pre-dinner tantrums, ear infections, gastroenteritis, low white cell count… what does that sound like? It sounds like Down syndrome to me.

We have been supplementing with the attached list and the results speak for themselves. The toxic elements have been decreased and the Zinc and the Selenium have  increased.

We still have a bit of work to do a tweak here and there but we are definitely on track to making Lester a HAPPIER and healthier child. I can’t tell you how much better he has been in the last 6 months. He only had one cold this winter, he hasn’t had any gastro issues in the last 6 months which he is prone to due to his Hirschsprungs.

Read the rest of this post and see the test results at the Grow Foundation website – click here.

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