kristen January 29, 2013

Not everyone who reads my book has a child with Down syndrome. But in the case of one Melbourne mother, having read the book some time ago came in handy a few weeks ago.

When this mother welcomed baby #3 in early January, she and her partner were shocked to discover that their newborn baby had a heart defect, and Down syndrome. Having read Naturally Better, they made contact with me within the first few days and asked what I would do first. One of my first suggestions was of course supplementation – most particularly glyconutrients, and urgently, because the baby was in ICU awaiting possible surgery. I had read stories about children whose heart conditions improved with supplementation, especially with glyconutrients.


That together with our experience with Gryffin’s heart had me convinced this was important for baby Jacinta.

Reviewing the book, Jacinta’s parents also decided they needed to get pro-active with NAET – quickly. And they did.

Jacinta’s parents generously share this story today Macie– another of so many success stories of children following this natural therapy path. Well done team xxx kristen

“Jacinta is three weeks old today. At birth, due to her Down’s Syndrome she had a heart defect and when the specialist cardiologist gave her a scan he also found her aorta was narrowed in a couple of places. He started talking about immediate surgery if it got worse. Needless to say, we were not keen to have our 2-3 week old given major surgery!!
We got Maria to address this straight away and she came to the hospital (what a saint!) and did NAET with her. After a few treatments, they did another scan and found no blockage….surgery not quite off the table, but a win so far. The next week after a few more treatments, the consultant did a scan and had trouble finding anything wrong with the aorta! (She has one more scan to make sure then that’s ticked off the list!)

2nd win, ever since the first NAET treatment, Jacinta has been more alert, like our other daughters were as newborns. Yesterday, the neonatal nurse looking after her said she’s never seen a baby so alert and interested in what’s going on! High praise for a regular baby but even more so for one with Jacinta’s physical challenges!!” ~ PH



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