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I was speaking with a journalist during the week, she made an interesting comment.  Having begun to read Naturally Better, she said she’d been wondering –  in relation to her own young ‘well’ children – if in fact the ‘terrible twos’ are partly caused by something else – a vitamin deficiency for example?  She even suggested a specific supplement which may be needed, just from having read the book!

Brilliant! This is exactly how I look at things too.  But I’ve been thinking about this ever since, and have realised that the ‘terrible twos’ have passed us by for the most part – with all 3 of our kids. I honestly think this is largely because of three things:

DIET: our girls were dairy & gluten intolerant for the first 3 years of their lives (back in the days before NAET) so their diet was free from those.  Plus all 3 of our kids have had vitamin supplements – as advised by our Naturopath – from early on

LOW ADDITIVES: I’ve always been pretty strict about avoiding food colourings and preservatives

MINIMALLY TOXIC ENVIRONMENT: Our kids have never had paracetamol, instead we used vitamin C, echinacea and homeopathics (among other natural remedies) to treat illnesses.  Plus I’ve always used low-chemical hair & skincare products.

So is this the key to terrible twos? I wonder.  I can definitely say that when it comes to our son, he has only ever been badly behaved when he is tired, hungry or when I’ve turned a (rare) blind eye and he’s had a sugary treat! Other than that, like his sisters were, he is a dream.

So, to the journo who made this comment, thank you.  It’s food for thought….



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  1. wow that is very interesitng!1 my 15mnth old son is not been gluten or dairy free but am so careful on presevertives and doesn’t know the meaning of sugar as I simply don’t give it too him he only has one arrowroot biscuit a day otherwise no lollies,cakes anything overall sugary oh once a friend gave him a cinnamon and sugar doughnut which I ate the outside and gave him the inside which he loved but thought once in a blue moon is ok and wanted to be polite cos ppl think it is a bit funny if u refuse, normally I say thanks and eat it later like a bag of lollies etc :)
    Am trying to be careful what I put on him too but was given these little bottles of johnson and johnson products so been using the baby shampoo probably shoulndt have as the things in products are scarey even those labeled natural or organic, look at the ingredients and u will see mineral oil and that laurel sulphate think it is makes things foam and lots of others not even sure what they are hear parbens are bad so am watchng that now, Bought some goat milk soap for him.
    Also found a sorbolene cream at safeway that is not got mineral oil in it or tested on animals yahhhh!!!!!!!!!!

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