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Our article is out this week in Australia’s ‘That’s Life’ magazine!

4 thoughts on “That’s Life Magazine”

  1. An awesome and inspiring story that enforces one to think outside the box that modern medicine trains us not to do.

  2. Hi Kristen,

    Thank you very much for your reply. I just finished reading your book and ordered a heaps of others. Going to keep reading and starting a reading program for Bianka as soon as I read the book and get to know exactly how to do it. Only one thing have in my mind because our family is bilingual and basically we speak to our daughter in own home language at home so I hope would be all right for me to do the program in English for her she can be expoused to English (my own English with the accent). I hope I am right.

    Thank you again. Luba

  3. Mi nombre es Ingrid Guerrero Rozas,me gustaría tener más información con respecto al tipo de alimentación que se les da a los niños con síndrome de down,en forma específica y detallada ya que encontré muy interesante este documento,ojalá que muchos más medios de comunicación nos dieran a conocer los logros y avances de forma positiva y constructiva que gracias a Dios podemos informarnos con personas que se preocupan realmente por sus hijos con alguna discapacidad.Gracias

  4. Dear Ingrid, I am sorry – I can only reply to you in english. My personal view and experience with my son is that there is no set diet for children with Down Syndrome. I have observed that my son is healthier when he is not eating dairy products, wheat products and when sugar is kept to the barest minimum. But we have addressed a lot of foods with a treatment method which can ease intolerances, this may be a factor.
    What can be said as a general rule is that our children need a lot of supplementation, especially in the early years, and a good nutritionist or nutritional doctor is a wonderful asset. I really hope this helps, an thank you for your comment. I wish you all the very best, regards, Kristen.

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