Dr Peter Holsman to Speak at the Grow Foundation Launch

We are very excited to announce that Dr Peter Holsman, Medical Practitioner & Naturopath from the Well Being Institute of Australia, will be speaking at our upcoming Grow Foundation launch dinner. Dr Holsman has been very supportive of my book and activities to date.

Dr. Holsman practices here in Melbourne; his areas of speciality include digestive problems, sinusitis, fatigue , hormone imbalance, sleeping difficulties, stress, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, glandular fever and allergies. For the launch of Naturally Better, Dr Holsman wrote a review which appears on the back cover:

This extraordinary book gives inspiration and hope to all parents who want the best health for their children. Kristen  left no stone unturned as she explored both mainstream medicine and natural therapies, including nutrition, vitamins, minerals and osteopathy in her successful bid to achieve optimal health for her young son Gryffin with Down’s Syndrome. Bridging the chasm that separates theory from what actually works is a fantastic achievement. Well done! Dr. Peter Holsman, General Practitioner, Naturopath The Well Being Institute of Australia

Thank you Dr Holsman for your continued support!

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