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The Grow Foundation was established to provide assistance for families of young children with neurological special needs such as Down syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and Autism, just to name a few. Natural & Alternative treatments exist to enable these children to achieve their greatest potential, but funding and support for such treatments is largely non-existent.

One of the treatments available for these children is from The Institutes for The Achievement of Human Potential in Philadelphia. The Institutes provide training for parents to run home based therapy programs for their own children. The results achieved by children on these therapy programs are amazing and in many cases seem miraculous.

These include:

  • Seeing: Of the 262 children who were blind 85% saw for the first time
  • Hearing: Of the 116 children who were deaf 91% heard for the first time.
  • Detoxing: Of the 526 children who were on anticonvulsant medication 70% were completely successfully detoxified while 25 are still in the process of complete detoxification.
  • Reading: Of the 1,229 children who were unable to read, 99% read for the first time.
  • Walking: Of the 428 children who were unable to walk 50% began to walk without help for the first time.

Furthermore, children who take part in such therapy programs from an early age are often able to integrate into mainstream education and adulthood, thereby requiring minimal additional support in their adult life.

Here are just two of The Institutes success stories:

Francesco Aglio is a young Italian man who was born with Down syndrome. In 2006, he graduated from university with an economics degree. read more…

Lucy is a young woman who defied the odds by becoming a Merit Scholar – despite being born with a ‘brain injury’. Lucy’s success was the result of many years of hard work by her family, under the guidance of The Institutes in Philadelphia. read more…

To read more about the Grow Foundation, our aims, and some of the Australian families who are already benefitting, visit our website at

The one thing worse than being told that your child has a disability is being told that nothing can be done.

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