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Naturally Better

The Grow Foundation was established to provide assistance for families of young children with neurological special needs such as Down syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and Autism, just to name a few. Natural & Alternative treatments exist to enable these children to achieve their greatest potential, but funding and support for such treatments is largely non-existent. One … Read more

Dr Peter Holsman to Speak at the Grow Foundation Launch

Dr Peter Holsman - Speak

We are very excited to announce that Dr Peter Holsman, Medical Practitioner & Naturopath from the Well Being Institute of Australia, will be speaking at our upcoming Grow Foundation launch dinner. Dr Holsman has been very supportive of my book and activities to date. Dr. Holsman practices here in Melbourne; his areas of speciality include digestive … Read more

‘The Biggest Loser’ Nutritionist – Janella Purcell

The Biggest Loser Nutritionist – Janella Purcell - Blog

I bumped into the gorgeous Janella Purcell at Sydney airport recently and gave her a copy of my book. ‘Kristen has shown us that with caring, patience and determination anything is possible. In my clinic everyday I see the healing potential of medicinal herbs, nutrition and other natural therapies, but when it’s mixed with a … Read more